Interesting trek down from Djerba in Tunisia to the border….Still a lot of military presence on the roads and heaven knows how many times we had to produce passports etc, anyway we made it to the “safe haven of Libya” and on to Sabratah and the first of many Roman Ruins …spectacular.

Luckily we have friends in Tripoli who we stayed with for our first two nights to get the low down, thank you Richard and Susan. Everyone very friendly but the coast really is a rubbish dump. We then moved to Leptis Magna ( not a small town in Somerset as someone said..) which is quite simply awe inspiring

meet you at the sign of the penis….

Our guide Mufti was wonderful and managed to explain what things were and had some amazing computer simulations to show what they might have looked like when they were standing.

From Leptis we drove to Adabya the most filthy stretch of coast you can imagine the journey enlivened by the odd car crash and weird sight…herd of camels in an articulated lorry!

and a combine in the middle of the desert

We are now in Benghazi in a sandstorm and gather that Egypt is going to be exciting when we get there early next week. Mind you situation here pretty tense very different to Tripoli…. Hey Ho who said it would be easy!

The Road to Benghazi

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