End of the road for the moment… 27,000 miles, 14 months on the road, 18 countries and 3 revolutions

Well, after Cape Town we went on to Cape Agulhas the southern most point in Africa, over 27,000 miles from our start point in Frome, Somerset.

The van had performed spectacularly with only a few problems and nothing that stopped us in our tracks. Lucy’s inspiration with a coat hanger when the gearstick came off in Tanzania was the only real drama, with everything else we were able to limp on.
We spent the last week with an old school friend Roddy and Nicola his wife, in Somerset West and then drove on the beautiful route 62 through the Klein Karoo, which is Afrikaans for Little Karoo with its mass of flowers and Ostrich farms. We went on to Storms River Mouth to meet our friends Larry and Sharon who we had met in Addis Ababa they were heading north on their BMW motor bikes when we first met them

and we were heading south. We went up in their microlights…now that’s something to do when you get older instead of golf!

and stayed with their friend Johan who runs an amazing hunting business….. Hunt Africa
We have now put the van on a boat home from Port Elizabeth.
Next stop California for Christmas

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