Egypt and back to Libya

Well… plan is to cross into Egypt turn away from the coast before Alexandria and skirt round Cairo on the desert route to the resorts on the Red Sea and wait it out there.
We tried and failed ….spent 4 hours or so in no mans land before being sent away others were allowed to cross but I suspect they were all local. Will wait for a few days and try again.
Meanwhile we will have to leave our van, fly to Tripoli to try and sort out our visas. Luckily we have a friend who can help.

The scenic route to the border between Libya and Egypt,yes it was rubbish both sides of the road as far as you can see!
The Libyan authorities were very understanding and arranged for an escort (our friend Idris again) who found us somewhere to leave the vehicle and took us to the airport where we were escorted onto the fight to Tripoli and met at the other end by another escort …who took us on to our friends, Thank you Richard and Susan.

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