Volubilis and a bit of Luxury in Fez

Wonderful drive through Northern Morocco endlessly variable countryside. One minute desert, then farmland and then miles of plastic greenhouses forcing winter luxuries for the European market…. We spent a couple of days on the coast visiting Moulay Bousselham bird sanctuary and then headed inland to Volubilis where we were escorted by Khalid a spectacular local guide

we went back to his home and had a delightful evening with his wife and young family

Volubilis is an amazing Roman city half excavated ( another 20 hectares to go) and then on to Fez and a couple of nights of luxury in Fez which is a wonderful town we parked the van in the car park for 3 days without a hitch, tried all sorts of local food did Arabic lessons and got completely lost in the Medina, local children take great delight in sending you the wrong way if you ask or telling you there is no way through…..all the streets look so similar its smell that helps!

We stayed at a fantastic small Riad hidden down a filthy passage way in the center of the Medina. You pass through a non descript doorway into a beautiful courtyard full of Orange trees to Riad Laaroussaa perfect escape from the hustle and bustle

The entrance is on the left!


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