On to Botswana

We met up again with the Dutch couple Charis and Jarijn who we had met in Bulawayo and they decided to come with us to Chobe just across the border into Botswana. Did you know that Botswana has only 1.9m people that’s the same as Portsmouth whilst London has nearly 8 million!….and its the same size as Texas which has 24m! We stopped for a couple of nights at Kasane at the Chobe Safari Lodge which was a beautiful campsite with amazing facilities. We did a wonderful fishing trip on the Zambezi where Charis caught a tiger fish…..

but it wasn’t enough for the BBQ that night and we had to resort to the local supermarket! We travelled on together towards Maun and stopped overnight at a quirky campsite at Gweta called Planet Baobab before making our way to Nxai Pan National Park the next day. We saw a lot of ostrich

and some rare hunting dogs as well as the famous group of 7 trees called the Baines Baobabs,

and of course, the Nxai Pans.

In the middle of bloody nowhere the leaf springs at the front of the vehicle went again. So we limped back at about 5km an hour out of the park and on to Maun.

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