Northern Sudan and south to Khartoum

Did you know there were 228 Pyramids in Sudan ( three times as many as the Pharaohs put up in Egypt) We set of with Erkan ( aka Mustapha) from Turkey on his motorbike

and Tarmo from Estonia in his van into the desert south of Wadi Haifa.
Desolate, barren, completely empty and HOT,( did I say HOT!!) between 45 and 50 degrees depending on time of day…Our fridge couldn’t stand the heat and George from Falcon Engineering had to sort us out with an extra fan…

we followed the Nile south aiming to get about 100k’s from Wadi Haifa towards the temple of Soleb on the West bank ( the road is on the East bank) and stopped in a lovely looking palm grove by the river ….only to be overwhelmed by millions of flies

and have to beat a hasty retreat back onto the road and look for a camp site away from the river.
The desert was dotted with mining camps and men with metal detectors hunting for gold, we spoke to one man with a bulldozer who had found 4 ounces that morning..

The twin tombs at El Kuru with their beautiful wall paintings and the pyramids at Karima and Meroe were amazing.
We found the petrified forest, I remember it so well from my childhood in Sudan a special weekend camping with my father, when he was military attache.

We splashed out and stayed at the Meroe tented camp
an oasis of sophistication in the desert with fantastic views towards the pyramids and wonderful international food but sadly no wine!

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