North of Spain and down to Salamanca

We had a wonderful crossing to Santander and then drove along the North Coast of Spain to Santiago de Compostella.¬† Beautiful weather and a perfect start spending the nights off road in (very!)hidden bays, although we decided that no one lives or works in this part of Spain at this time of year everything was cerrado ( closed) in fact todo cerrado …which I think means all closed! One or two minor problems with water and the shower but a new “T” seems to have solved it and the shower works¬† a treat.

Santiago was brilliant although parking in the center of town on what turned out to be the day of the half marathon was a challenge. We are now spending a couple of days in Salamanca which is stunning the Roommate Hotel promised us parking until we arrived and they saw the van ..but a smile worked wonders and a taxi was persuaded to move and we are right outside the hotel.

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