Nomatter Macaroni and Bad White*

Beautiful drive south from Kariba to Harare to stay with James and Wendy. When we arrived in Harare the rain started (unknown at this time of year) and we even had a hailstorm, which confused us all. We went to Doon Estate to see some of the best art and artefacts we have seen on the entire trip …with predictable results… We now have two sculptures in the loo and more carvings in our roof box as well as a collection of spears taped to the back door! We went to the central post office to buy stamps and came away with a wedge of inflation era notes.
We then went to Ruwa to see April and Ian who live in the most beautiful house with a “pet” Zebra instead of a lawn mower

and a Jack Russell. James and Wendy then took us north again to stay on their fantastic tobacco farm in Centenary

tobacco seed beds

where we had the most beautiful couple of days exploring the farm on foot and on motorbikes.

They gave us a fascinating insight into farming in Zimbabwe over the last few years and a spectacular evening eating fillet under a full moon. We then spent a wonderful weekend with April and Ian enjoying roaring log fires a hot bath a long walk and a delicious Sunday lunch.
* two of the farm workers names!

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