New Year at La Malletiere

We had a change over on Tuesday after Christmas and George, Fergus and Pippa went home and some great friends Rollo and Ros, Mark and Fiona and Caroline came out to join us (with their suitcases) for the New Year.

From left: Lucy, Ros, Rory,Caroline,Rollo,Fiona,Mark

We had a ball the weather was kind and we ate and drank too much. Rollo wins the prize for best fancy dress with a splendid “Berber…. cheap price” outfit! Mark wins the “I am getting a bit twitchy lets go to the beach” award and the girls collectively win the Berber cheap price bargaining cup.

Rollo and Rory the Berber Boys
Tomorrow we set off for Tunis in a ferry via Spain ( The Moroccan / Algerian border being closed)
Happy New Year to everyone

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