Nairobi to the coast

Having heard so much about the trucks on the Mombasa road we decided to brave it early on Sunday. Great idea the road was fairly quiet and we only saw 4 or 5 crashed trucks, although one accident which we couldn’t see had completely blocked the road, and we had a tortuous diversion on tracks through the bush which didn’t seem to slow the trucks down at all!
We stopped at Sagala Lodge close to the railway station made famous by the Man Eaters of Tsavo, a pair of lions who chomped their way through upwards of 135 construction workers in the 1880’s when the coast railway was being made.
After a night camping in the grounds of the lodge Anna who owns the lodge arranged for us to visit a Masai village and school close by. Two of the tribesmen had recently been ill and she had looked after them, so they were happy for friends of hers to visit the village.

I had a go too…surprisingly easy.

Extraordinary Masai pogo dancing

How many Masai can you fit in a van!

From there we cut off the main road and headed to Kalifi an interesting short cut which was blocked by rubble and earth works within about 500m but that didn’t stop us…

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