Maun and north into Namibia

Decided after our flight over the delta to do a boat trip and see everything from another perspective. We saw the most gorgeous bird life but no game

We also followed our noses to find a wonderful ceramic studio in the middle of the bush.
Okavango Ceramics and got ourselves invited to supper by Jan and Virginia when we got lost!
Uneventful drive north along the delta towards Namibia but lots of flooding and apparently the water level is still rising. Our last night at the Maun backpackers saw two houses flood and a 4×4 go into the water on the causeway to the campsite. (suspect the driver was worse for wear!)
We were lucky enough to see the most wonderful herd of elephants stepping over the fence and looking both ways before crossing the road right in front of us just before the border.

We spent a wonderful few days by the river at Mahangu Safari Lodge where we bumped into an English Village in a van. Quite literally 19 friends from a village in Kent had got together, hired a van and driver and come to Africa!
Chillenden Village… in a van!

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