Marsabit Road (The Road to Hell)

Well it was billed as the worst road in the world ( and one of the most dangerous) all we can add is it really is a nightmare two full days 10hrs + at 25kph …. bone jarring driving with the occasional HUGE rock or HUMP or HOLE the whole thing linked by corrugations we hit one bump at about 40k’s were airborne for a while and landed with a hell of a bump….no damage we thought but another smaller bump the next day did for our front driver’s side shock luckily the huge clearance on the tyres meant we could continue without too much trouble. Lets hope we can find a replacement or a repair in Nanyuki….. it might look inviting stretching into the horizon but the reality is a nightmare!

We started in lush countryside dropped into the Chalbi desert and then hit the big red earth of the plains north of Nanyuki and the lush countryside around Mount Kenya

We saw masses of game en route and people wearing the most wonderful tribal dress

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