K’nob, Zagora and the Bolton Berber

Spent a wonderful day in K’nob and made friends with a lovely young girl who invited us into her family home above the Palm Grove to see the “view panoramic”.

From there on to Ouarzazate past all the film sets. Lucy was not impressed by the remnants of trucks in the bottom of the Valley we were only a short time after one particularly horrid one that left the truck about 200 feet down the mountain and the cargo strewn everywhere…we didnt stop, as there were masses of people at the scene “helping” to collect the freight from the ravine.
We didnt stop to take photos as it was all a bit gruesome but I think we can all see how these lorrys fall over the edge.

The drive along the river once we were out of the mountains was fabulous and on arrival at the camp site we were met by Alan from Bolton with the words “welcome to Morocco” seemed a bit odd after nearly a month and several thousand kilometers but hey ho …he joined us for a G&T! Alan had been at the camp site for several weeks and seemed to be endlessly preparing his landrover for the next bit of his trip ( we met lots like that) but the difference was each project needed a new set of clothing and a new head dress!

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