On south to the Desert

We left Fez in filthy weather but the van was intact! Our route south was blocked because of flooding so we took the scenic route! Arrived in Merzouga in blazing sunshine and arranged a three day camel trek we saw the most extraordinary mirage but sadly didn’t get a photo.
Our trek route ( just the two of us and a guide) took us along a well worn path littered with plastic bottles before we cut off into the dunes themselves spectacular silence except for the swish of the camels feet and not a plastic bag or bottle in sight after about 3 hours we came to a gap in the dunes and crossed an ancient river bed heading towards a mud hut and a traditional Berber tent on the plain….our stop for the night!

one night in a mud hut with nomad goat herders and one in a tent at an Oasis} Sore bums at the end of it and badly in need of a shower but a great experience….even if Rory was not quite as nimble at the end of the adventure as Lucy who definitely qualified in camel management !
We even saw some crazy Germans skiing on Erg Chebbi

where we saw the most spectacular sunset after an epic climb up the dunes.

Camel treck
At the end of our trek we stopped at a spectacular wasis (oasis) at the foot of Erg Chebbi modern ingenuity an upturned plastic bucket over the well shaft protected the water source.

We sat round a spectacular fire and had a lovely meal under the stars (well goat stew..but it was terrific)

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