Around Arusha

We stayed with friends on the edge of the Arusha National park, thank you Richard and Jules for letting us use your wonderful house. We loved the pet snake under the cooker ( was it really the first poisonous snake in the house ever? )
Richard is one of Africa’s top independent safari guides and he took us on a fascinating walk in the bush.
Richard Knocker Professional Guide
Two of our intrepid friends Bruce and Madeleine joined us for a couple of weeks

they will be camping in a tent whilst we have our luxury van!
We visited the park which although small has the most wonderful variety of habitats we saw giraffe, warthog, buffalo,monkeys and antelope as well as a huge flock of Flamingo on the lake

and walked for miles in the foothills of Mount Meru. The fields were full of maize under planted with everything from beans to sunflowers.

We also back tracked a bit to see Lake Chala which is a beautiful caldera and walked down to the lake itself to have a swim whilst colobus monkeys crashed through the trees around us.

Oh and thanks to Robs Magic in Nairobi your shocks for Africa are crap. Less than 1000 miles and they are shot…. what use a years guarantee or 10,000 miles if they are designed to fall apart when you leave the country?

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