North to Naivasha and Nakuru

After a few days in Nairobi whilst we had the van sorted out we went north again to Lake Naivasha and crater lake where we had our first real experience of the Kenyan bush.

We saw wildlife in its natural habitat for the first time Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, Monkeys, Baboons and numerous types of deer. We walked to the crater and looked over an amazing natural amphitheater and listened to animals moving and calling. We had lunch in the van in the middle of the bush and watched as a herd of Zebra came to investigate.

From there we headed further north to Nakuru and Rongai where we stayed with friends in the most beautiful colonial home.

Tristan and Cindy run an amazing safari business and Stan is one of Africa’s top safari guides.

it was wonderful to go with him to Nakuru National Park and hear anecdotes about the animals and birds

We were luck enough to see both Black and White Rhino as well as masses of other game…..did you know that both types of Rhino are basically the same colour and white is a bastardisation of the Afrikaans word weit, which means wide and refers to the size of the mouth… anyway its the second largest land animal on the planet and about the size of a jeep!

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