Tunis 14th Jan

Momentous day. Staying with friends in La Marsa north of Tunis so not in the van in a car park! I decided to go into town after two days in the house and last nights speech from the President about the future direction of the country and hearing the peoples voice…..Very peaceful morning in the centre of town walked down to Place du 7th Novembre reputedly 250,000 people on the streets a figure I can quite believe. Amazing optimistic atmosphere until about 3pm when things started to feel a bit ugly and so decided to head back. Rioting broke out on the way home and police used tear gas to disperse the crowds…not a comfortable situation made worse by the burning and looting of a house owned by one of the Presidents extended family close to where we were staying and the thick black smoke enveloping the area. Guess we are stuck for the moment but at least we are with friends!

oops blockage!

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